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Anyone else geeking out on outdoor gear organization with all this extra time at home?!

Hey all!

With all this time at home, I am about to embark on a massive gear storage enhancement project for all our outdoor gear.  My husband and I have A LOT of everything for cycling, backpacking, skiing, car camping, climbing, and scuba diving - and it is all in a sad state of disarray right now.   

The pictures included in this outside magazine article got me really excited! I would love to see your wonderful gear closets, rooms, sheds and garages for inspiration! Also send any tips you have on cool storage gadgets or inventions for tight spaces. 



At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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Hi @REI-KaraS !  Congrats on your organization initiative!  Unfortunately for me, I'm a pack rat, and, like you, have many and varied hobbies and interests, so all my storage space is mostly used up.  I have carpentry and contracting tools in the basement; mechanics tools and equipment (and a '68 GTO) in the garage; lawn and garden equipment in the shed; my mountain bike in my dining room; my kayaks hanging on the shady outside wall of the garden shed, and my hiking and camping gear scattered throughout various locations in the house!  

So, aside from the tips in the article, any other ideas you have would surely be welcomed.  

I think my only solution is to build another shed, or an addition onto the garage, but I have no time for that nonsense if I want to keep hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, tinkering, etc.  Maybe I should just become independently wealthy.  😁


Hey @Rob!

It sounds like you have some amazing hobbies and lots of cool gear!  I wish I could add a '68 GTO to my list of toys! 

My plan is to get rid all my unneeded stuff and outdated gear, so that I have way more room to trick out my storage space.  When I was single and living in a small studio in San Diego, I had this cool little shed that I built for gear storage. It even had surf racks on the side! I have a bigger house at this stage in life, but now that I am married with two kids, space seems even more limited than it was back then!  

I will happily drool over other people's set ups for awhile until I get the time and resources to make it happen.  Here is another great article on climbing gear storage I found.  I love the use of pallets when you scroll down a bit!

Hopefully some other folks can send their ideas and inspiration! 


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

My kids are officially adults now, so don't think I haven't been eyeing up their bedrooms as future gear storage spaces.  😏

I've also got a pile started of items to donate to Green Drop, so that'll give me some room to organize better.

The GTO will retain its place of honor in the garage though.