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Alternatives to OR Men's Refuge Hybrid Hooded Jacket?

I received an Outdoor Research Men's Refuge Hybrid jacket last year for a gift and loved that piece of gear.  It was a constant go-to for a lot of activities.

Unfortunately the zipper failed and when I returned it to OR for warranty repair that told me they no longer make that garment and rather than repair it they gave me a credit to use at their online store.

While I love OR gear and won't have any problem finding something to use the credit on, now I'm searching for something similar to replace this.

Any suggestions on other gear maker's products that are similar to this piece?

Thank you,

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Thanks for reaching out!

Depending on what size you are looking for, we have an Outdoor Research  Refuge Hybrid Hood Jacket - Men's available in an XL size on our Used Gear site right now. You can also sign up for alerts if you're looking for a different size.

That style of jacket, with the core being insulated, are actually really popular with nordic skiers. Take a look at the Craft ADV Storm Insulate Jacket and the Craft SubZ Jacket. Neither of them have hoods, but they may be what you're looking for. Additionally, because they are traditionally a winter item, sizing is very limited at this time. Your best bet may be to check back in the fall or early winter when this year's styles come out and there are more sizes available.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

If you look around you can still find the Outdoor Research Men's Refuge Hybrid jacket for sale.  Just not from OR or REI.   There are other similar jackets out there but from a casual search it seems this style of jacket is not that popular currently or is off season so if you want a jacket like that I would just get that one.