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Strides for Peace - Race Against Gun Violence

Race Against Gun Violence (RAGV) was created to build a new platform to support community organizations, focus on what we share in common and celebrate hope.

Still, our city suffers more gun-related deaths and shootings than New York City and Los Angeles combined. And while overall rates are declining in Chicago, the “homicide gap,” some communities continue to experience levels of gun violence that are on par with some of the most dangerous places in the world.  There is clearly much more work to be done.

Strides for Peace believes that all of Chicagoland has a stake in ending gun violence, and that by working together, we not only change the narrative of our city – we save lives.

Register to run 8k or 5k or 2k walk, before April 1st, for just $35 under Team West Town Bikes:

Empower: We seek to empower organizations working to end gun violence by creating new opportunities to bring people and resources together to support their work.

Collaborate: We believe all of Chicagoland has a stake in gun violence and that by working together we can stop the violence.

Amplify: We strive to elevate the work and perspectives of those on the frontlines of the violence to inform solution-driven dialogue and highlight impactful programs.

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