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Channel Islands Trip

Hello @hikermor! In researching conversations about CA national parks, I saw that you worked in the Channel Islands! Curious your advice...

I have only two days to spend in the Channel Islands this summer and I have chosen a campsite in Del Norte on Santa Cruz. BUT... I recently realized this puts me too far from being able to take the kayaking tour in Scorpian Anchorage. I need to choose between kayaking in Scorpian Anchorage or camping in Del Norte... Thoughts? Also open to any other favorite spots you care to share!

Thank you!

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Basically, I would opt for the kayak tour - lots of sea caves (sea conditions may not allow entry) but even if that is off the table, the sea/island interface is endlessly fascinating....You will have some spare time, apart from the tour, to take a short hike or two.  I would recommend either Cavern Point or Potato Harbor (just a bit further).

Too bad you don't have more time.  If you kayak, will you do the tour on your arrival day or departure day?  More time would mean more hikes and there are many, to say nothing of the other islands.

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Thank you!

Wish that we had more time, these are great suggestions... I took your advice and opted for kayaking. We were able to secure a campsite at Scorpion Canyon and will kayak the morning that we arrive.

Thanks again!

Sounds great!  I hope you will have a rewarding NP trip and that you will return and see more of the Channel Islands.  I am still learning, even after many years....

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Saw the Island Jay, fox prints, climbed El Montanon, taught my two desert buddies body surfing at the southern cove, walked every short trail near the campground, easily, in an overnight. First boat in, last boat out next day. Brought a rolling cooler for gourmet dinner and beverages.

Highly recommended.