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Ski Touring in central New England

Hey Now!

Just got my first pair of AT boots and I'm getting some skis setup this coming week as well. I know a few folks skin up MT Watatic, heard about some peeps going up MT Tom as well. Just wondering if there is a local community out there I can link up with, or maybe someone knows what time folks meet up to trek up at these spots...I'm going to start tooling around the Quabbin and start ascending/descending the local firetowers and ridges that are being logged. I was however, hoping to find a group that could take me under their wing so to speak...thanks!

"Life is not a Dress Rehearsal" -me

"There is no 'good life' or 'bad life', just 'your life'" -me;
"Get busy living, or get busy dying" -Andy Dufresne
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Hey there!

I lived in Massachusetts for a couple of years before moving to Alaska. While I was in the Boston area (Rockland), I do remember talking with a bunch of backcountry skiers about where they would go. I was really interested in the touring options in New England, although my daughter was barely a year old so she kept me close to home for most of the time we lived there (no complaints, she's rad!). I recall a lot of the folks I spoke with being a part of a sub-group of the AMC out of Boston, focused on skiing. You can take a look at their meetup site: AMC Boston Ski & Ride. If nothing else, they may be able to give you some ideas of where to go or point you to another group that might be closer to where you are located.

Hopefully this helps, enjoy earning your turns!

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Thanks John!

Ill definitely check out that link...appreciate the help and as a new member of the forums I've got to say this place looks like it is going to be a wealth of knowledge and a great spot to coordinate with other like minded folks!


"Life is not a Dress Rehearsal" -me

"There is no 'good life' or 'bad life', just 'your life'" -me;
"Get busy living, or get busy dying" -Andy Dufresne

agree, check the listing of meetup groups in your region, or consider starting one of you own!

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