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Overnight Backpacking - Northern Berkshire County (Berkshire County)

Hey! Noticing the only location for MA is Boston, which is 150 miles east -- being just over the border from VT & NY, and with the AT running through most towns in the county, it seems like (especially with all the outdoor recreation as a tourist attraction) we should have a space to talk about what's up out here.

So AT & four-mile day-hikes aside, who's got ideas about some good overnight backpacking trips? I'm transitioning from carcamping to backpacking this season, & I feel comfortable with a solo trip (w. pup) at a base weight of about 16 pounds. Freeze-dried meals & I'd be carrying my water.

If nothing comes of this, I plan to just scoot up to southwestern VT & hike the LT until I find a good space to set up for the night. Thanks for any insights!

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@AlexH-C thanks for the post! Because you requested it, we just added a "Central and Western Mass" board! Hope you get some suggestions from the community; we'll see if we can tag a few folks who we know know this area! Also, since this is a new board in the community, we're looking for good images to use on the top of the board, if you've got any to share that represent the area well!

@Peaches70@Hikes_in_Rain wondering if you'd have any advice to share?  

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@AlexH-C and @REI-JenK I have tons of ideas in the Whites. No knowledge of that part of Massachusetts though. If you want to go into NH I can suggest a few trips. Near you Alex is Mt Cube, part of the AT and east of Hanover NH. Either North or South peak would be great. Another less well known Mt with a sweet trail is Paugus. Approach via Cabin Trail for a gentle 9 mi round trip hike. There are several spots up top all mossy and ready for a tent.  Not part of the AT but it is further from you: east of Lincoln NH off the Kanc. But what a nice drive! 

This is great! Thank you!


I know this is an old post but figured I'd bump it...

Have you thought about the Metacoment Monadnock trail? Pretty much get on at MT Tom or MT Holyoke (Holyoke) and hike it up into NH to MT Monadnock...the trail actually starts in Southwick. And I think is just over 100 miles long with several impressive, although smaller, peaks along the way. I live close to the middle of it, south of Doane's Falls/MT Tully in Royalston, MA.

Its a great trail system with several camping shelters along the way...pretty sure you have to ask/reserve most of them... Check the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) for details on that!

If you decide to hike it, let me know, ill meet you for a day or two!


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Hey, thank you! That sounds like a really wonderful distance - I appreciate the heads up! Especially with rain & mud, shelters can be a blessing along a trail... great note about reserving shelters ahead of time. Cheers!

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