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What to do with used 1lb propane cylinders?

Probably shouldn't put "empty" propane canisters in the trash and even if it's safe when totally empty, that's a lot of metal to just throw away, and I'm sure the recycle bin isn't ready for them either.  What should be done with them?  Does (or could) REI or any other outdoor retailer offer a recycling path?

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You can also go with white gas or alcohol, and dispense with the heavy LP tank altogether.

You can even get stoves that run on either LP or white gas!



This is pretty bad advice. I suppose it would make sense if you could actually *buy* the refillable canisters for a decent price, but I can't find any place that sells them. You can buy "kits" that also have the attachments, for about $80, but if the canisters get lost or damaged you can't buy more of them... just another "kit." I was mislead about this. This looks like another "save the environment" mess that has no solution, just a lot of virtue signalling.