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What should I do if some nylon sections on tent are sticky?

I have an old Eureka 2-person tent which has been packed in its carrying bag for many years. When I set it up today, one side of some of the nylon pieces (for example, the inside of the rain cover) is very sticky. It even made my hands slightly sticky, although it washed off easily. Is this the nylon degrading so I need to throw this tent away or is it salvageable? Is it possible to wash this sticky residue off? If so, what should I use?

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@George_of_Arl thanks for reaching out! We've had a number of conversations in the community about sticky tents - typically this is a sign of deterioration and while there are a few things you can try, you may find a new tent is the best option. Check out this thread on tent stickiness on the floor and this conversation on rainfly stickiness - both have a few suggestions on tactics to try to resolve the issue!  

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@George_of_Arl Drying it out in sunshine really helped my old tent with the same issue.

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