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what's that weird thing you do at camp?

i feel like everyone has some quirky thing they do in camp that other people don't get, or they never see anyone else do. what's your thing that makes your camp-mates scratch their head at you?

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It is actually what we don’t do. 

We never build a fire. For all the years we’ve been camping we just haven’t done it. Up early to hike, back for a quick camp stove meal, and out for wildlife viewing. Some people get really confused we don’t allot time for sitting around a fire.

wow yes! it took us a while to realize that campfires weren't actually mandatory for camping, but once we cut that out of our default camp setup, it's greatly simplified our evening flow and left more time for other things like longer hikes or more sleep! figuring out if a fire is expected at camp when going out with new people is a pretty big deal; i think that can be a make-or-break mood killer for some folks.

I do have nice memories of campfires but I also think it encourages you to stay up far too late.  One of my favorite things about the outdoors is that it reminds you to sync your body to the natural rhythms of your surroundings, like high/low tide, sunrise/sunset, temperature fluxuations, etc.  There's nothing like a crisp early morning stroll to start your day, but I find myself sleeping in instead if I've been up late tending to a campfire.  


@Cyndl- Ironic that you have been dubbed "S'mores Maker", since you are the least likely to make smores.  Campfires do take up time and effort, interesting but totally reasonable that you skip them.




When I backpack, I’m extremely minimalist. However now getting into car camping a bit, I find I love some my entire pour over, fresh ground coffee set up. It’s ridiculous, but it’s a luxury I love and get some strange looks from others while making! 

my partner and i do this thing before we pitch our tent: put the groundcloth down where we think it'll be, then lie down on top of it in the orientation we'll sleep and make sure the ground is flat, or adjust it so it's in the flattest position for comfortable sleep. it takes an extra minute or two and seems kind of fussy, but it's a great help for sleep quality.

That's such a wonderously logical thing to do.


That's a really good idea! 


We like to camp by a river, and when it's low running slow, we put on water shoes and hikig poles and "hike the river" .  It's always an adventure, and keeps us occupied with navigating the rocks and small currents. And when it's hot, we find a deep spot and get submerged and then a sunny big rock to dry off on.