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What is This Part of my Half Dome 2 Plus Tent Called?

r68h5j5wah571So I have a half dome 2 plus from 2014 that recently the bungees died on.  Its OK.  Years have passed.  Well when I was in the field I cut them off because I couldn't get the tent together and it was dark.  Bungees were getting in the way.  Well I didn't know these were part and parcel of the get up so when I got home and tired to fix them with some new cord TWO of them were missing!  My fault.

The problem is I cannot find out what they are called.  They are a retaining clip that sits in the tent pole hubs.  I'm at a loss right now and I cannot find any info anywhere!  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

2 Replies

It looks to me like they are just pieces of plastic that were fashioned to keep the bungee from sliding up and out of the poles.  There may not be a proper name for them and I expect in order to replace them you are going to have to jury rig something.  I can imagine how that might be done using a nail with the same size head as the plastic piece and cut to the right length and then bent over the bungee.  You would just have to make sure the cut end of the nail didn't have sharp edge so that it doesn't cut the bungee.  Good luck!

Found Myself Outside

We sold a replacement for bungee fittings in tent poles in the past from a Sierra Designs tent pole repair kit when I was in sporting goods management in South Lake Tahoe.

They were labeled "keepers", but the design and engineering concept is completely different. Didn't matter. Whatever was in the pole you either shook out or cut off.

In short, there are tent pole repair options for you outside of finding the pieces of plastic that break.