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What is my tent made of?

My quarter dome tent fly has gone all sticky! 
Ive been reading all the threads about how to possibly rejuvenate the fly, and they all say it’s important to know whether the tent is lined with a silicone or polyurethane coating, to ensure I don’t buy the wrong product.
but no one at rei or on the boards seems to know what my quarter dome is lined with!
Can anyone tell me? And tell me therefore what product I should buy?

many thanks!

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You'll need to check the year and then REI:


New one is Nylon....


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Contact the manufacturer of the tent/fly directly online. 

If the tent/fly is privately branded, request they forward your inquiry to the tent/fly manufacturer, or at least provide you the manufacturers’ name, so you can contact them directly. 


Almost certainly PU.  Silicone does not degrade like that as far as I know.  But I'm guessing.

I don't think REI has used Sil Nylon or Sil Poly much in their tents maybe because they are more expensive materials to use I suspect partly because of the need to use silicone sealer to seam seal them which may be a more difficult process.  Stuff doesn't stick to silicone.

If it doesn't say on the tent's information tag, I would call REI Customer Service to be sure.  You may need to know which version of the Quarter Dome it is or the year it was made/sold probably.  Tents with that name have evolved a fair amount over the years and REI update their spec's as time goes on.  The chat link and phone number are at the bottom of every page.


There should be a tag in the tent which lists the materials. However, in my experience if it's sticky it's probably polyurethane.

Unless you're really attached to the tent, I recommend looking around at new or slightly used tents before trying to "rejuvenate" the fly. You're not going to get the same results re-coating the fabric as they did at the factory, and it's going to be a bit of work and expense. For not much more, you could probably buy something better.

Or, if the fabric is still waterproof, just live with the stickiness.