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Ways to Overcome Dispersed Camping Nervousness

Hi all,

I went out for a 3 day, 2 night dispersed camping trip over in Olympic National Park, but cut it short after 2 days/1 night due to extreme nervousness about the possibility of unwelcome (human) visitors coming to my FS road site. Anyone have any advice on how to overcome said nervousness?

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Camp with a companion.  Avoid obvious locations - get further down the trail and you will have much less chance of unwelcome human contact.  Carry a PLB or be sure you are within cell phone coverage.

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The father away from cities you are the less likely you'll have any visitors.

People that are out in the boonies are not going to wander into your camp. 

If your doing dispersed camping in the boonies you've got bear spray, or should have, on your hip. That should give you some peace of mind. I don't recommend you use it on a human unless your life is threatened, but it will stop a charging 600 pound bear so anything smaller is a given. 

I've been doing dispersed, in the boonies, camping continously now for almost 4 years and never had anyone come into my camp uninvited. Except for a bear - bear spray does work.

Hi @stcooper7, welcome to the excitement of remote dispersed camping. Both of the previous answers are great advice. I will ad one more bit, get further off the road/trail. Sorta think of it as stealth camping. 

I have only had people wander "too close" while camping in or around designated shelters. Otherwise, bear, deer, and curious coyotes have been the only surprise guest.