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Turning an old sleeping bag into a blanket

Hi, I have an old fantastic down sleeping bag I don’t use for camping anymore. I sure could use a fantastic down blanket/comforter. Is there a way to convert it?  Is there a shop doing that work?  It’s tapered and closed at the foot, which may require fancier sewing than I can do. 
I appreciate any help you can give me!

Pepe Perez-Sanz 

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In 1982 or so, I purchased a Marmot model which would work perfectly as a blanket.  Down filled, less than 3 pounds weight, it could unzip along one side and across the bottom to convert into a double bag by zipping in a separate under sheet.

I still use it today, either as a single bag or, unzipped, as a quilt.  that model is apparently no longer marketed, or anything comparable.

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