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Tent Seam Tape Disintegrating

We have an 8 year old Quarter Dome T3 tent.  We've only used it about 6 times.  The seam tape is disintegrating.  Small particles everywhere.  I am going to take it to an REI store to see if this is warrantied, but just in case they say no I need to know how to fix this problem.  Removing the tape seems daunting, unless I can just apply a wider tape over the existing tape.  I know liquid seam sealer is probably best, but I would have to make sure ALL the old tape is removed.  I have a trip planned in May and need to resolve this issue.  Thank you, Debi

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I was doing a web search about people having the same problem with different manufactured tents and came across one that was for a MSR tent. It was recommended to use a hair drier to try to heat up the tape that is peeling away from the seems, then pulling that bit off. They also said not to try to get the “unpeeling” particles off, as you could potentially pull away the glue and particulate that is sealing that part of the tent and potentially break the chemical bond. The post also recommended re-taping the whole tent and applying tape over the existing tape or seals, as it will not hurt it.

That is the site I was referring too.

Hope that helps as a backup, if store is unable to do anything.


We're sorry to hear that the seam sealant on your tent is deteriorating. However, we have had multiple conversations here in the community about this very topic. We encourage you to take a look at this conversation, My eight year old tent is leaking! It will give you some good ideas and point you to some other conversations that may be of assistance.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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