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tent seam replacement - silicone or seam grip WP?

hi Friends

I've got that tent seam flaking problem discussed in many very useful places here (seen all those and thanks so much everyone) my tent is the REI Sub Alpine but i cant find on any of the tech spec whether this tent has is a silicone-coated nylon or a polyurethane-coated fabric and it looks like i need to know before I do the boring bit of trying to get all the flaky old seam tape off and apply something that's going to do the business. Also, like two of the 3 reviews for this tent, the window has peeled off and fallen out. Any thoughts on how to stick it back in much welcome as i discovered the hard way that a lot of rain can come in through that window 😉

@REI-JohnJ hoping you might be able to get the details at your end...thanks so much



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Hi @Hannah_77 - We have contacted our product team to find out this information for you and will respond here when we have something to share. Thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @Hannah_77 - Thanks for bringing this question to the community!

The REI Sub Alpine Tent uses a silicone-based treatment. Hopefully when paired with the information from the other threads on tent seams flaking, you will be set to make progress on fixing those flaking seams.

For the window, we are hopeful others in the community will share what has worked for them. We also want to give the suggestion of using Tenacious Tent Tape to adhere the window back to the tent. Without seeing your specific instance it is impossible to say it will work for sure, but that tape is designed to work well on tents and has a strong adhesive.

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

thanks for the info - I've finally got all the flaky tape off. In the end i found the best result was to soak the seams in warm water and then to use some laundry detergent powder (which makes it a little abrasive) and gently use a scouring pad to lift of the flakey stuff. My fingernails havent been this clean since the say I was born! My plan with the window is to sew it back in with the silicone sealant as well. I think if i make little puncture comes around the edge of the window then stick it to the fabric using the silicone sealant......wait for it to dry......and then do the sewing by hand, the pre-punctured plastic window will easily be secured with stitching and hopefully wont pull away from the fabric as the resistance will be reduced by the prep-puncturing. then perhaps a second layer of silicone sealant....

thanks again