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Suggestions for Large 8+ Tents

Never owned a large tent, largest I own is a 6M Marmot. Now I have a family of 5 and now a niece and nephew looking to camp with us, probably in the back yard to get a feel for them. I am looking at or trying to find an 8+ sized tent.

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Those are hard to come by.  It might be more versatile and reasonable to have a couple of smaller tents, arranged to allow good social interaction.

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I recommend three tents... two sleeping tents sized accordingly and a third for eating, playing cards, whatever...probably one of those big "screen room" things. People take up less floor space when sitting up, so a 10x10 should be plenty for 8, but I've certainly seen bigger.

Or, rig a tarp for shelter, and another as the floor... I've spent plenty of evenings socializing with seven or eight other people under the kitchen tarp.



I have an REI Kingdom 8, and we absolutely love it.  We can sleep 5 in there plus a dog plus gear!


Appreciate that response, I have looked at the Kingdom and the Eureka Copper Canyon. They have pretty much only those two listed. I was not sure about the Eureka with how open it is or for better words lack of Rain Fly covering the whole tent like I am used to.


Also appreciate the other suggestions, I have multiple tents/tarps/and other gear, so those options are not bad but we are looking to house everyone together due to some of the ages. It is really getting my niece (8) and nephew (4) out and seeing how they do with camping, but being younger and inexperienced we feel this way would give them the best overall experience . In-laws have 4 children but only these two seem interested. We have 3 sons (10,9,5) who are used to camping and hope they set the mood for the other two. If all works out well then the possibility of my in-laws and their other two joining us may be an option and at that point is when I will most likely bust out multiple tents and other gear.


Maybe let your older two have a tent to themselves? They'd probably love that idea.