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Suggestions for an Extra Long Sleeping bag liner.

I'm looking for a sleeping bag liner. I have an extra long (about 78 inches) sleeping bag, and I'm 6'5" tall. 

I can't identify which (if any) of the sleeping bag liners that are listed in the online shop are extra long. Can you please let me know which ones are extra long?

Thank you.

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@TomONeill Thanks for reaching out!

Most of the sleeping bag liners we carry have three dimensions listed, in a number 1 x number 2 x number 3 format. Number 1 is the length of the entire liner (which includes the 'hood'), number 2 is the width of the liner (laid flat) at the shoulders, and number 3 is the width of the liner at the foot box. Given that your sleeping bag is 78", you'll likely need a sleeping bag liner at least that long. As such, most of our liners are designed to fit a broad range of sleeping bags and are going to be long enough for your sleeping bag. A couple of our longer options are:

We went with mummy style sleeping bag liners, please let us know if you were looking for a rectangular liner.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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