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Suggestions for a 2004 REI Base Camp 6 Refurb

Hey everybody.  I just picked up a 2004 Base Camp 6 from a retired gentlemen who is working to pay it forward.  He is no longer able to handle it, but is still camping. 

It is green and dark brown.

I just assembled it and it looks as if it was put up hastily after damp fall camp.  It has leaf stains on the fabric.  Corrosion on the grommets and poles. The main poles (silver) are in good shape. One of the end/ entrance (green poles) has a bend and they seem to be just a tad too wide and long.  The rain fly is in good shape with leaf stains.  The clear windows in the vestibule doors are clouded, disintegrating, cracked and pieces missing.

I plan to get her back in fighting shape for the spring.  May be a bit aggressive for the Halloween weekend 2020 (Taking the Mrs. Camping - See below) 

I plan on getting her into fighting trim and looking well maintained.  No corrosion, clean and standing proud in the weather.

So here are my questions:

  • How do I remove the leaf stains from the fabric? 
  • Does anyone have info on the specs for the poles?
  • Does anyone have good ideas/mentoring on how to fit the poles so she stands proud and not strained?
  • Ideas on replacing the view ports? (we know how to sew a tent)

The Mrs. and I will be celebrating 29 years in the woods over the Halloween weekend. I am Very Excited! IN case we can't get the Base Camp 6 in fighting trim, I do have a very well maintained Sears Sir Edmund Hillary 3 Room tent she got me for my first birthday as a married couple.

Thanks in advance for your attention and advice.


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@WPeycha anticipating you'll get some suggestions from other community members, we did want to make sure saw our Expert Advice articles on tent care and repair! The REI Base Camp is such a great tent - since we're confident you'll be successful, we'd love to see the before and after pictures of this endeavor!

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