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Stan's tire sealant - will it damage my tent?

I was drying a tent, a REI Grand Hut 6, in my garage when a mountain bike tire blew off a rim, lightly spraying the base of my tent with Stan's sealant.  I've wiped the bulk of the sealant off the tent, but some remains.  Should I be concerned about the tent?  Any steps that I should take?

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Hi there @RFM !

Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your question. I don’t think it is likely that this will cause any damage to your tent. I think as long as you made efforts to clean it off thoroughly (using a water/soap solution should do the trick) I think you don’t have much to be concerned with. 

Thanks again for reaching out to us!

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I recommending double checking by setting it up in the backyard, if you have one, and spraying it with a hose.  If you detect any seepage, you can spray it with a can of waterproofing stuff that walmart sells in the sporting goods section.

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