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small camp stove recommendations for boiling water

I am looking for a small camp stove that can quickly boil water. It would only be used by 1-2 people (often just a solo trip), and mainly for boiling water when backpacking for coffee/adding to prepackaged meals.

I was recommended the JetBoil Zip Fast Boil System and the Camp Chef Stryker IsoButane Backpacking stove.  

Would love any thoughts and recommendations as I have traditionally only used campfire heat previously.


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Personally I have found the MSR Pocket Rocket perfectly satisfactory. I have used one for the past twenty years, although not at extreme altitudes or really cold temperatures.  It can be used with any old container, unlike the JetBoil's specialized pots.

There are many other canister burners available, and I imagine thye all work reasonably well since the burner technology is fairly straightforward.


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Thank you!  That is helpful. 

I didn’t realize that some systems require specific containers to fit with their systems!

My MSR PocketRocket has served me well for 10 years. They are now on the 2nd generation, PocketRocket 2, and also have a Deluxe version which has a pressure regulator for better performance at higher elevations and colder temperatures.

As @hikermor says, you have ability to use whatever pot suits the need rather than needing a special pot, which is something I prefer.

Get outdoors, stay safe, and happy trails!
Todd the Hiker

I agree, the MSR pocket rocket is a fantasic stove for boiling water. However, if you like to check out the competition, Soto Windmaster is right up there, if not even better. 


Another MSR Pocket Rocket II user here. It is small and compactable enough for it and a small fuel canister to fit in the titanium mug I use to put water in to boil water. I like to keep it simple with no frills and the PR II fits that bill.

aka "Boonerelli"

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.