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Sleeping bags for the small adult

Hello! I was wondering if anybody knew about a sleeping bag that was the best for a 5'3" person who doesn't have a lot of mass? I have a regular length mummy style bag that's too long for me and while it works, if I sleep in it "normally" my feet are always cold unless it's already warm outside. I somehow can curl up inside it to mostly solve the problem which I assume it's not something you're supposed to be able to do. It also messes up the draft tube's effectiveness and I want to find something more my size. I'm aware it might not exist, but I'm asking anyway.  Thanks for your time!

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Hi @Forest_Fever_11 - Thanks for bringing this question to the community!

There are a few different avenues you could go to find a sleeping bag that will keep you (and your feet!) warm, in addition to some tips that may help beyond the bag itself. For us to give our best recommendations, it would be helpful to know what kind of climates you are planning to camp in and whether or not you'll be backpacking with it, as this will impact that temperature ratings, weight, and volume of the bags suggested.

With that in mind, we recommend taking a look at the following bags to start:

If you are interested in keeping the bag you have now and just making your sleep setup warmer, a sleeping bag liner may also help. Depending on the material of the liner, it could add five to fifteen degrees to the comfort rating of your setup, allowing you to sleep more spread out while still staying warm.

Hopefully this helps!

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I dare say that down booties (synthetic equivalent) would keep your feet warm

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