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Seeking Recommendations for Best Destination - Northeast Backcountry Camping

I'm looking for the ideal destination for a 5 day camping trip with my two sons, both in their 20s.  We'll be leaving from the NYC area and happy to drive up to 6 hours.  Could do NYS, CT, MA, NH or VT  We're looking for a remote wilderness where we could make fires, and do some ambitious hiking.

Eager for any and all advice.  Would welcome an informed consultant.

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@garydarabbi the 100 miles wilderness in MA is pretty remote.

The White Mountains of NH, especially around Mt Washington, is a pretty popular bucket list item. Lots of itinerary's include thru hikes of the presidentials, and you can start and stop at the AMC lodges, which are pretty sweet.

book a couple of nights at the lake of the clouds hut, up next to Mt Washington, and get a few nights at the Joe Dodge Lodge (if all that's open)

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