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Sawyer Squeeze - reusable bottle compatibility


I'm planning to use a Sawyer Squeeze and ideally would like to find a reusable, non-plastic water bottle to use with it (instead of using the smart water bottles or similar). Do you know of any bottles that are compatible?



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You can use any bottle or container to hold the filtered water but you need a bladder of some kind to squeeze the water through a filter like the Sawyer. 

There is really not a non plastic squeeze bottle since the whole idea of it requires a flexible pouch that can be used to pressurize the water without a mechanical pump.   Even if if you can find one with the right thread,  you can't use an ordinary hard sided bottle as the dirty reservoir because it would seal and the water will be held by an airlock.  You would need a valve in the bottle's base to let air in to allow it to work at all and then you would be limited to gravity feed.   I don't know of such a bottle.

The reusable part for a squeeze bottle is easy enough.    Sawyer's  stock mylar bottles are reusable   Reusing SMART water bottles makes then reusable too so I'm not clear on your objection.  PETE is one of the more benign plastics.  One of the main advantages of the Sawyer Squeeze is that it can attach to a SMART water bottle (or similar).  But the best option is the CNOC VECTO.

Just for interest here is an article CNOC publishes about threads use on bottles to give  you an idea of the problem with threads

If you want to use non plastic bottles completely they you will probably need to use a pump filter like the Katadyn hiker.  With such a filter you don't necessarily need a "dirty water" bottle.

but such filters are quite a bit heavier and their replacement filters are quite expensive.  And the filter body of most of these filters is made of plastic.

There are other filters that come with better bladders than the Squeeze but generally they lack the advantage of being able to attach to a SMART water bottle or similar and they are can't be or are not a robust at being back flushed.


@nic  howdy! to try to work on this, just want to to the plastic 'dirty bag' or no to a plastic 'canteen' or no to both.

Some folks like the ability to put the filter on the bottle and drink straight from it.

I mostly fill a 'dirty bag' and use the filter as an in-line filter into a water bladder I use while in camp, and then pour water from the bladder into my smart water bottle.

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Thanks guys! I'm a newbie and didn't understand how the Sawyer Squeeze worked...even though it's right in the name!


I think my plan now is to have a dirty bottle/bag (maybe the one that comes with the Sawyer? maybe something else since it sounds like that one leaks a lot?) + some non-plastic clean bottles to filter my water into.

Hi @nic  - I also have the Sawyer Squeeze and, truth be told, hate the bag it comes with. I bought the CNOC 2L bladder and am really happy with it. Not only is it more sturdy than the Sawyer bag, the CNOC bag opens up completely on the end, allowing you to easily fill it by dragging it through a stream. Sure, it's an ounce or two heavier than the bag that comes with the Squeeze but I think it's totally worth it.

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Hi @nic,

As @OldGuyot mentioned, a used Smartwater bottle is a great alternative to the included Sawyer bag. The coupling for all Sawyer Squeeze products fits perfectly on-top. The plastic is pretty durable, and the bottle can easily be squeezed, though not quite as easily as the bag included with the filtration device.

I've also had excellent success on long hikes and camping trips not with the Smartwater-branded bottle itself, but the less-expensive 7-Eleven Pure water bottle. It's built to the exact same specs as Smartwater. 

Hope this helps!

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