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rigging an rei tarp

Hi,   I have a pretty large REI tarp,  is there a video of how to rig it?    Thanks

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The thing with tarps, is there is no right way to rig it.

You can tie out the middle high so it looks like a tent anchor 2 sides. 2 corners to cover your hammock 2 corners anchored, anchor one side tie the middle high and the other side higher to make a lean-to wind break, lay it on the ground and roll up in it  for a fast bivy, over a line with the corners on poles for a sunshade/rain fly.

You need to define what you want to do with it before anyone can give you an idea.


Hi @timskrbelieve - Thanks for reaching out!

Like @GregA said, there are many different ways to rig a tarp that work well for different scenarios. This video also sounds like what you are looking for, and hopefully will have some suggestions that work for you: 

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OMG, there are so many way's to set up a tarp. The only thing limiting you is your imagination. I would HIGHLY suggest you look up "Tarp pitches" on YouTube. I have an 18 page document I've put together that I carry that is nothing but tarp pitches. They are great! My only wish is that REI would sell more tarps than just the type I can buy for $5 at the local hardware store. These folks already carry a bunch of great products but they are just lacking in the Tarps department.


If your still looking for info on how to set a tarp up I highly suggest you look on YouTube! There are hundreds of video's on how to do them. But in your case make sure that you concentrate on square tarps. You can adjust even the smaller square's to your big boy very easily. The rectangular beasts are just a bit of a different animal. And nope, I'm not discounting them. I just prefer a square tarp for my use.