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Replacement rain fly: Half Dome 2 Plus

Hello.  We have the older version of the half dome 2 plus.  The tent is still in great shape except the rain fly has completely deteriorated.  Do you know the dimensions of the rain fly on the older model?  I appreciate your assistance.

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Consider this another vote for a replacement rainfly… mine is a Half Dome 2 HC (2006) in particular, not sure how different that one is than the other models.  Maybe there’s a generic solution that would work well enough for most models?

Has seen light-moderate use over the past 15 years and I have taken decent care of it.   Window is still fine, albeit a little cloudier than when new, and it’s still keeping me dry, but all of the velcro straps and other accessories that were just seam-sealed on have fallen off and disappeared.   Tent and footprint still going strong. 

Overall I am pleased with the longevity of the product.  (The velcro loops are probably not absolutely essential, after all.)  I do feel capable of the DIY repairs that other commenters have so graciously detailed here, but if a replacement fly were available, I’d sooner spend some money on that than make the repairs myself or but a completely new tent ‘kit,’ especially when the tent itself is totally fine.   



Chiming in support of the call for REI to start selling replacement rainfly's for their tents (specifically, the Half Dome 2). There is clearly a demand for such a product. Make it happen!

I don’t know if I’ve requested for the same Half Dome 2 rainfly but I’m glad we getting more request. A rainfly shouldn’t disintegrate like that, right?


Another half dome 2 plus (2012) rain fly replacement request checking in!