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Replacement rain fly: Half Dome 2 Plus

Hello.  We have the older version of the half dome 2 plus.  The tent is still in great shape except the rain fly has completely deteriorated.  Do you know the dimensions of the rain fly on the older model?  I appreciate your assistance.

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Just chiming in with a “me too”. I’ve now learned to check the equipment more thoroughly before heading out! We lucked out with the weather but littered a lot of flakes into the snow.



What looks like knife slashes are just fold creases in the now brittle plastic.


For people with broken windows, you could probably sew a new piece of plastic in (or take it to your local seamstress/luggage repair/shoe repair and ask them if they can fix it. I bet they could sew in a new window and then you'd just need to seal the new stitching wish some of the seem sealer. That is what I would do (and probably will do when my window goes as well).

As far as REI coming out with a replacement for a ~15 year old tent, I wouldn't hold my breath. It would cost them more money to bring up the assembly line then they'd ever get by selling to the 10 people here who would buy one. If you want new I suggest buying the newer version of the half dome and hope it lasts as long as this one did.

@flat_lander sorry I didn't see your question - I don't have notifications on for this community. My acid wash was probably around 1/3 vinegar, I think it'd be okay to go put o 50%. I mainly let it soak but might have scrubbed the mildew some. This was done to deal with all the mildew. Once I saw what it did to the sealing I figured I'd have to start from scratch and re-waterproof the whole thing anyways so I machine washed it - I don't remember if I used soap, probably not. I think your approach of hand wash setting + deep water rinse is/was probably a good move. I just wanted to make sure I got the vinegar off I think.

I hope it worked out for you and my instructions didn't cause to ruin your tent haha, mine (like many others) was a lost cause anyways, so it was either throw it away or at least try to repair it.

Yeah. I taped up mine. It’s still going. I’m not complaining. If they can stand down, I can too. 😝


@xleafr I never got around to it. I'll give it a go this summer though and do it in steps over time. The cleaning of it seems easy enough. Thanks for the clarification. Actually I just used my 20 year old Eureka Timberline instead for my other trip over the past summer. And yeah, I had to reseal the seams on it about 10 years back, but it's still going strong and didn't fail the way my Half Dome did - stores the same and twice the age too. I'll report back once I'm all done on the finished product. I just bought a Grand Hut for my family for this summer, so I'm in no huge rush now...


I'm in the same boat as many of you. My Half Dome 2 Plus tent is sticky on the inside of the rainfly and the window started with small cuts and eventually disintegrated. I am in the process of attempting to repair it by washing it in the vinegar solution, cleaning and waterproofing the rainfly and resealing the seams. If it works, then great, if not, then I'll wait for a big dividend to buy a new tent. For now my Half Dome will be a summer tent...


I understand that expecting REI have available rainfly on 10+ year tents is wishful thinking , but I don't see rainfly's available for any REI tents.  In fact, when searching REI site no rainfly's show up.  This discussion board is full of requests on replacement rainfly's.  I understand that rainfly's are part of the tent system when packaged not like a footprints which are separate items.  But rainfly's are very specific to eack tent like footprints and are in great demand as a replacement part.  REI needs to get with supplier and fix this issue to better support a product which has their name on it.  Thanks for listening :).


Just another Half Dome 2 owner that wishes there was a replacement rainfly available. 


Consider this another vote for a replacement rainfly… mine is a Half Dome 2 HC (2006) in particular, not sure how different that one is than the other models.  Maybe there’s a generic solution that would work well enough for most models?

Has seen light-moderate use over the past 15 years and I have taken decent care of it.   Window is still fine, albeit a little cloudier than when new, and it’s still keeping me dry, but all of the velcro straps and other accessories that were just seam-sealed on have fallen off and disappeared.   Tent and footprint still going strong. 

Overall I am pleased with the longevity of the product.  (The velcro loops are probably not absolutely essential, after all.)  I do feel capable of the DIY repairs that other commenters have so graciously detailed here, but if a replacement fly were available, I’d sooner spend some money on that than make the repairs myself or but a completely new tent ‘kit,’ especially when the tent itself is totally fine.