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Replacement rain fly: Half Dome 2 Plus

Hello.  We have the older version of the half dome 2 plus.  The tent is still in great shape except the rain fly has completely deteriorated.  Do you know the dimensions of the rain fly on the older model?  I appreciate your assistance.

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At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@judyfiat1  This is the thread I was talking about. Lots of great info here!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Same issue. 2010 Half Dome 2+. Has worked flawlessly for 9 years. Then a month ago went camping to find out the rain fly had totally failed. Thought I made a mistake setting it up first, then realized the rainfly had gone bad. Slept with a hoodie over my face at night as I felt like I had learned enough about what waterboarding might feel like after about 10 minutes. So I guess I'm going to go down this repair rabbit hole against my better judgement (3 young children and both mom and dad work full time in public ed so time is not a commodity I have a lot of...)

@xleafr can you tell me more about the vinegar rinse (i.e. rough proportions, how long it soaked, did you hand wash some or just soak, etc)? Also, when you ran it through the washing machine did you use any detergent or vinegar solution? I'm going to go this route and set the washer to the "hand wash" setting with a deep water rinse. Just wondering if I should put anything in after the vinegar soak.

@REI-JohnJ another plug here for being able to buy a replacement fly in the future as my tent and footprint are still in perfect working condition. 

Regardless, appreciate the discussion here.

This is super helpful - thank you! How did you end up getting the Velcro tabs to stick? I'm to that step 😎




I would like to know what I did wrong in my tent storage that caused this to happen.  Was this just unavoidable over time?  I always let my tents dry out before storing them.  Should they not have been put back into the storage bag?  One tent I think I used only once or twice and this happened.  I did store them in my basement, but I would not say they were terribly damp as I always ran a dehumidifier.  If I go to the effort of fixing the tents I have or buying a new one, I don't want it to happen again.




I don’t think that not being fully dry causes the deterioration. It’s just over time it delaminates. I am going to recondition mine and waterproof it. I’ll document and share the entire process… usually after camping I just throw my tent, footprint and fly over the rafters in my garage for a week to air out then repack… it’s nylon so nothing should rot from moisture 


So glad you posted this. Just like everyone else here I love this tent and the rain fly has gone south with water proof deterioration,  I love it that we can breathe new life into these tents and not waste things but have a good solution to fix what we own instead of buying new


Same here,  window dry rotted, gone. 

Yup, me too.  Totally gone!  Bummer....


Same experience as others...the half-dome rainfly is sticky and deteriorating.  I visited REI today to see about buying a new one and was told to check online.  Sounds like checking online is a no-go.