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replacement part, REI alcove

I have an REI Alcove that I bought in 2015.  While using it during the very early spring of this year, it blew over and the connector piece at the end of one of the poles broke (see photo here). I would REALLY like to be able to get a replacement part for this and continue using this product.  Is it possible for me to get a replacement part?

Thank you,

--Scott Carlson, Natick, MA


3 Replies

@ScottACarlson, thanks for reaching out about your REI Alcove. Unfortunately, we do not stock replacement parts however your local store, which appears to be the Framingham REI, may be able to help troubleshoot a repair.

Also, to help protect your privacy, we have removed your email address from your original post.

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Hi!  Only seeing this now because  one of the hubs broke on my beloved Alcove, too!  I called corporate REI and they gave me the number to Tent Pole Technologies in Vancouver, WA.  Called them up and got the correct replacement hub!  Give them a ring, @ScottACarlson, and they can ship one your way, too.

Tent Pole Technologies

(360) 260-9527

Boy am I grateful I came across your comment! 

I used this tent to protect plants from a Labor Day Colorado snow storm and was so dismayed the next day upon finding the plants survived but the tent pole did not. I took it to the REI store, called REI, searched web and could find no solution to the problem - a broken blue junction. I even tried to find the alcove on a resale site to repurchase. No luck. 

The alcove (and walls) has been in my garage waiting to be disposed of ever since yet each trash day I could never bring myself to toss it. It’s just so great. Today is trash day again so I decided to get on the web one more time to search for solutions and I came upon your comments above. 

Just ordered replacement part. A thousand thanks. Truly.