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Repair advice for an REI Half Dome 2 plus Tent.

I have an REI half dome plus 2 tent. I noticed last year that the 'windows' of the rainfly were beginning to crack. And also, the mesh of the tent body were breaking down. I pulled out the tent recently to prepare for camping, and to do the usual pre-season cleaning, and also see if I could repair the damage I saw last fall. Now all the plastic windows of the rainfly have cracked and fallen apart. The mesh of the tent has also become so frail as to be non-functional. I have used and loved this tent for a long time. I rally would like help with getting repairs so that it can be further utilized - I don't want to create more waste and I believe there's a lot of life left for this tent. Who can help me get this tent back up and running - so to speak?

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Not an REI employee.  You may be able to patch the window with some clear "tenacious tape" that will get you by    You can patch holes in the mesh with repair kits also.

But.... unless you sew the tent yourself I doubt it is worth it to fix it if the mesh is falling apart and even sounds like the tent has been set up somewhere for a long time and has suffered a lot of UV damage so it is unlikely to perform very well if there is any weather. 

Tents do have limited life and while you might be able to get some more out of it for gentle car camping or as a kids play tent,  from what you say I would start looking for another tent.

@vonnjensen Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear you're having these issues with your tent. We do have a couple of options to consider:

  • Please check out this thread on REI Tent Repair as the discussion is applicable and there are a couple of links to other community conversations about tent repair that may be useful. 
  • You can take a loot at these Expert Advice articles on Tent Care and Repair.
  • You can take look at our REI Repair Services page and reach out to Rainy Pass Repair. They may be able to give you some guidance as to what is possible, in terms of repair, with your tent.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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Agree with Old G that you're on your own.

I had a similar experience with the plastic window... totally disintegrated.  However the rest of the tent was (and still is) pristine, except for having reapplied sealant to the seams.  I ended up sewing in a nylon piece and sealing heavily to get the fly in waterproof condition.  My tent was never subjected to extensive exposure, only time.

In a side note (looking at you REI-JohnJ), I was so put off by the "assistance" of my local store manager I haven't been back.  His only solution was buying a whole new tent.

Very poor optics for an "outdoors" company that has little apparent concern for limiting waste and reducing consumption.


@vonnjensen - I will buy the poles from you if they are still in good working condition! I have a great half dome 2+ tent and no poles 😕


looks like time to buy a new tent!

good luck!

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