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REI Quarter Dome Tent Seams Flaking - Advice?

Good Morning,

My REI Quarter Dome Tent's seams are flaking off. No matter how much I sweep, wipe, shake, or otherwise try to get all the loose seam seal out, it continues to flake.  I love my tent.  I haven't had pole issues like many of the review state, and I don't want to lose it just yet.  The price is right (haha) and your selection of ultralight tents are limited.  Is there a clean way to repair this problem?  I also have things falling off such as the trim that keeps the fly doors rolled up and also Velcro (please forgive me for not knowing the technical name for tent attachments).  Any advice on how to salvage my tent for another few years would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Diane Jette`

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Hi @Deej - Thanks so much for reaching out! It's great to hear how much you love your Quarter Dome Tent. 

For your question on the tent seams flaking, we have good news! Another community member has asked about this before and there is a thread on how to clean, prep, and re-waterproof your tent that should help with your situation.

Our sealant recommendation for once your Quarter Dome has been cleaned is the Gear Aid Seam Sure Water-Based Seam Sealer. Additionally, you might want to take a look at this discussion on flaking Quarter Dome seams and how the coating is best repaired.

The most effective way to address the velcro and trim coming off will be with a bit of sewing. This step-by-step guide on how to reattach tent velcro does a good job explaining the process. There are ways to attach those pieces with glue, but that can make your tent fabric brittle and more likely to rip. 

Let us know if you have any additional question and we'll be happy to help!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you so very much for all your advice!



Hi Diane,

I had/have a similar issue with my REI half dome tent. I've been meaning to get some clear FlexSeal spray to cover up the seams.  I'm going to turn it inside out, line up the seams with painter's tape, then spray.  How long have you had yours?  I would hope the newer REI tents don't have that issue - mine's about 6-7 years old and barely used but my ex did store it in the garage when it's 118 degrees in Phoenix.  Good luck.


Hello, and thank you so much for your response.  My tent must be about 10 years old, but honestly, I can't remember all too well.  Haha!  I like your idea, thanks for sharing.  And yes, now that I think about it, though mine gets used seasonally, it does get stored in the garage when not in use.  Like you, I hope the newer tents do not have the same issue.  Thank you and Happy New Year!


I bought my tent in May 2020.  I just checked the fly & there is no flaking/hydrolysis on the seams.  How old is your tent?  I'm surprised you're experiencing this issue if your tent is only a couple of years old.   I, too, am surprised & disappointed REI is unwilling to provide anything in the way of replacement parts for our tents.  Sadly, REI only seems to direct us to 3rd parties, for the repair or replacement of anything as it pertains to our tents. 



Hello, my tent is quite old - I'm thinking 8-10 years or so.  I can't even remember when I traded in my Half Dome for the Quarter Dome, then a new addition.  I'm hoping after I read REI's advice in more detail, I can remedy my issue.  I can't justify tossing it for a new tent with the issues I'm having.  The mesh is in fine condition, no tears, etc., so, will try to "fix it" somehow.  Thank you, and Happy New Year!


Wow, Just another reason to be disappointed with the direction REI has taken.  We just pulled out our Quarter Dome after having it stored for a few years and discovered the taped seams are all flaking.  The REI of old would have stood behind any product that carried their name not just discontinued it never acknowledging it  was flawed and leaving their customers to fend for themselves salvaging an expensive purchase.  I'll never buy another REI branded  piece of equipment. I'm just glad that this community shared some remedies.


Just for the record, REI has stopped manufacturing & selling this tent. 


Oh, I saw that when I was shopping around looking at tents.  A bummer for sure, and not sure why they would discontinue it.  Always my luck, the things I like best get replaced with something else!