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REI half dome 2+ tent pole restring problem

I have a 2016 rei half dome 2+ tent. Had to replace shock cord, and now tent poles don’t fit the tent—way too much tension on poles. Cord length is not the problem. Belatedly learned via rei video that there is a certain order to the 4 segments of each of the 4 legs. Appears each leg is comprised of 3 equal length male to female sections and one female to female section. Presume the female to female section goes either into the plastic hub or at other end at tent grommet. Have tried both but still won’t fit correctly— poles bend into “s” curve.

Would appreciate any advice available. Already consulted rei corporate and Tent Technologies, but no solution.

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I think that will be hard to solve without at least some photos but offhand the only way I would see the pole forming  an S shape is if a shaped pole section was in the wrong order and somehow held in the wrong direction. The trouble with that is that as far as I can tell the HD2+ doesn't have shaped pole sections.

It seems likely that you have the pole sections mixed up.  If it were me I would take the poles apart again and systematically re assemble them without the shock cord using the tent body as a jig to figure out how the poles are supposed to go together.  If they are mostly identical then there should be only a few possible variations.

Not sure if it is useful or not but here is a photo of what I believe is the same pole set you have

and here is a fairly extensive review of the HD2+ with photos

From those you might be able to get a good idea as to how the pole sections are supposed to be assembled.

Thanks, I’ll try without shockcord.


@rdalton6 Thanks for reaching out!

From your description it sounds like you've got a couple of sections in the wrong place. If the poles are making an 'S' shape then it is likely that you have an extra section or two in there. Please check out the photo in @OldGuyot's second link, there is a pic of the poles set up without the tent. That should give you a good idea of how they are supposed to be set up. 

Hope this helps. Please let us know if we can offer further guidance, thanks!

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Thanks. I’ll keep trying. Love the tent.


I have the same tent and also need to replace the shock cord.   Do you know how much cord is needed?


@DNielsen Thanks for reaching out!

When restringing your tent you'll want to measure the length of all the poles, and then add a couple of feet of cord in order make sure you have enoughlength for knots, doubling back, and/or any errors you may make in cutting the cord. It's important to remember that you'll actually use less cord than the length of the poles, as you want it to be stretched out a bit (when the poles are assembled) so the tension holds the poles together. But it is always a good idea to purchase a little bit more length of cord than poles to allow you some room for error when restringing your poles.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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@REI-JohnJ How do you get the bottome (foot) end off in order to completely remove the stretched out elastic?



@pokeefe Thanks for reaching out!

Typically, all that is required is for you to pull the bottom piece out of the end of the pole. It may take a bit of work, depending on how firmly it is stuck in there. Be very careful using pliers or a vise to stabilize the pole because you could damage the pole. Perhaps @rdalton6 could weigh in here?


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks, got it!