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REI Co-op Air Rail Plus pad valve question.

I don't get the 2-part valve. What are you supposed to do? After it partially self-inflates, do you blow some more with both pieces out or the first one it?


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Hi @Davidcoons,

The valve on the Air Rail has two components: the gray piece and the orange piece. The orange valve is a one way valve, and only allows air to pass through in one direction. The gray valve is meant to just cover the orange piece.

Once the pad has inflated as much as it can by itself, blow into the orange valve to inflate the rails and get it to a level you like. You will notice air will not come out after you pressurize it. While laying on it with just the orange piece in, you can also gently press inside the valve to bleed small amounts of air out to soften the pad. When you are done adjusting it, cover the orange valve with the gray piece.

To deflate, remove both valves and rotate the orange valve 180 degrees and insert it opposite the way it originally was in. Now it will be a one way deflation valve, and air will not come back in as you squeeze it out. When you are all done, cover the orange piece with the gray piece. I hope this helps!

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