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Recommendations for Vesper Quilt long or regular?

I am 6' 1/2" or so (I am shrinking) , 185lbs, and having trouble deciding on regular or long in the vesper quilt. I am a side sleeper, who scrunches up a bit, so I think I could fit a regular, and I am afraid going long might be less heat efficient, but then there may be reasons I'm not considering for getting the long version... Any recommendations?

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I haven't used quilts but friends have.  Since no one answered and I have always used long sleeping bags and I'm just under 6ft here are some thoughts.

Looks like REI is out of long now so this may be moot but if you are over 6ft you should get a long unless you have had successful prior experience with shorter quilts and bags. Remember that "long" bags/quilts are also wider.

The main negative is it is heavier. 

It's a quilt so unlike a sleeping bag where too large a size can create air pockets, you can wrap a quilt around you and that is unlikely to be an issue.  The length certainly won't matter because there is no hood so if it is cold the length provides more coverage.  Generally the problem with quilts and the cold is that you get drafts coming in underneath when you move and the extra width counters that.  Most quilt makers recommend a wider bag for active ground sleepers.

I love my quilts, plural!  I vote for the longer version, you can bring it up over your head in the early dawn light and cold!

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Thanks guys, I feel better! I bought a long, first thing this morning, mainly thinking wider will be better, since I move a LOT, which has always made me hate my mummy bag. I was worried about air pockets, etc, so it sounds like I'll be happy. I do love the idea of pulling it over my head on a cold morning when I don't want to get up. It is only 2 ounces heavier, so it's not so bad. It's still lighter than my mummy bag.

I did finally receive my quilt and I do love it. I'm glad I got the long. It comes up just enough to cover my eyes, which I think will be perfect. For some reason I did not receive even a single "SynergyLink" strap with it, though.