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Recommendations for a portable camping bathroom.

Hi there! I'm looking for a camping portable toilet for two purposes: one would be to use on a road trip as I'm 2x high risk for COVID (preferably from inside my car or inside my camping tent) and want to camp my way up without going into any buildings. The other would be for a future canoe/camping trip that I'd like to take down a long river. What can you recommend that you'll have in stock in the next 2-3 weeks, please? Thanks! Stay well. -Nick

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You want a toilet you can use in your car/tent on a road Trip, as well as a long canoe/camping trip?

As far as the canoe trip is concerned, can’t you just go in the woods?

And the car - you said car - I think you may have to get out of the car to least some of your business 

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@nilosseaton Looks like REI don't currently stock these or they are out of stock.

I recent bought a Thetford porta potti 345 for a cross country van trip mostly for my wife's use...ended up not going so I can say how well it works but these get good reviews.  It has a flush and a 5 gal detachable holding tank you can take to a pit toilet or RV sanitary station, a public toilet (if you must and are careful) or even to bury if it gets that desperate.  Generally you need to use some chemicals to break down the solids if you use it for #2 and/or put camp toilet paper in it.   For #1 keeping toilet paper separate you can get away without the chemicals and you can use regular toilet paper.

It is about 12 inches high so using it inside a car may be difficult.

While it works for long car trips or car camping,  a canoe trip may be stretching the application.  May depend where you plan to canoe I suppose.


@nilosseaton Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, we do not have any stock of portable toilets in at the moment. A product that would be a great fit for you would be the Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Portable Toilet Seat. We have some of these on order, we'll check in with our buyers to see if they look like they'll be in stock soon enough for your road trip. We'll circle back here in the community when we hear back. Thanks!

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Thanks for your patience as we tracked down this info. We have some good news! It appears that the Cleanwaste GO Anywhere Portable Toilet Seat is back in stock as of today. If you decided to go with that item, your shipping timeline should be visible when you check out.

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.