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Quilts for stomach sleepers.

I sleep on my stomach or side.  Never on my back.  I also move around a lot.  I'm currently using a semi-rectangular down bag which is very comfortable but weighs 2.5 lbs.  Wondering if there are other stomach sleepers that have tried a quilt?

I've recently retired and hope to finish section hiking the AT (1,000 miles to go).  I've gone UL for all the other gear so this is the last piece.


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I love quilts and I sleep all over. Mainly on my sides and stomach though. I toss and turn throughout the night as well. For winter, I just have the wide version of the quilt to help keep drafts out, but use the regular width for warmer weather quilts.

Thanks for the feedback.  

@Oldlaxman - While not necessarily a stomach sleeper myself, I use the Revelation quilt from Enlightened Equipment. Their quilts come with straps that attach to your sleeping pad that keep the quilt in place even if you roll around. I've had mine for several years and love it. It's ~25oz. 


@Oldlaxman I second the mention of Enlightened Equipment.  I'm a side-sleeper and their quilts are great for us "active" sleepers.  I'd recommend getting a little extra width to accommodate the extra movement.


I love my Katabatic quilt.  I too slide sleep and it lets me roam some.  I find that getting a wide bag with straps helps allow me to move.


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