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Propane to Butane Conversion: How do I run a propane stove with a butane gas canister?

Hi, I have a bunch of camping products/stoves etc that run off the 1lb green propane tanks.  Is there a converter to allow them to run off the same canisters the MSR pocket rocket 2 uses?




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this is only a guess, since you didn't give a model or photo of the valve, and there are thousands of variances.  If it's anything like the off the shelve coleman stove, then yes, and it seems REI carries that valve adapter...who knew!

hang on, going out to the garage to verify that it actually works...


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Ok, I'm wrong this won't work.

Can you post a photo of the camp stove you are trying to connect a canister stove to? thanks

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ok, I think this one may work

Camping Stove Adapter LPG Converts/use a Lindal Valve Canister Gas for PR


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Thanks so much for your reply.  Iv'e tried to post pictures, but without success.


Fuel Canisters.jpgFuel.jpgStove3.jpgStove 2.jpgColeman stove.jpgStove.jpg


The first 2 pics are of some of the commonly available fuels here in Israel (they are either butane, of butane propane mixtures). As you can see, my MSR whisperlite fits fine.  The last several are of my "off the shelf" Coleman stoves, commonly available in the US. 


Again, thanks to everyone for the replies.


I must admit I am puzzled - why would you want to do this?  The green tanks are generally a much cheaper source of fuel,but weigh more - not really suitable for backpacking or hiking,but then neither are the appliances which they fit'

A burner head for the iso-butane canisters isn't very much coin.... Several different brands are available. My Pocket Rocket has given good service for about twenty years.


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Me too.

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I wish I didn't have to do this, but since moving to Israel, I have learned that the green propane tanks aren't sold here.  I have no choice but to use butane, isobutane, or a propane/isobutane mix.