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primus himalaya varifuel stove 3278 Fuel Bottle

Good Morning,

I am looking for some advice on an old primus himalaya varifuel stove 3278. I am looking to buy the fuel bottle and pump replacement and I'm looking Im looking at the Primus Gravity Multifuel Kit. 

Would this would it the model of stove I have or would you recommend another make / model like the MSR?

Looking forward to hearing from you


2 Replies

@Gogabees Donovan,

It's great to meet you, thanks for reaching out!

While it appears as though the Primus Gravity Multifuel Kit should work with your varifuel stove, we recommend reaching out to Primus (1-800-443-4871) to make sure that the coupling between the hose on your stove and the pump are still compatible. They have made some changes to the fuel pump over the years since the Himalaya Varifuel Stove was in production, so you will want to make sure that coupling has not changed, or at least is still functional with the new pump style.

Additionally, it does not appear that an MSR pump will work with a Primus stove, however, it does look like you can interchange fuel bottles from each brand. 

Hopefully this helps!

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Hi John,

Fantastic answer, I will definitely reach out to Primus as well.

Thank you so much for the help