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Portable Cooking Stove Recommendations?


I’ve been looking for a portable grill that I can use both for camping and on my apartment porch. I have never gone camping, but I hope to learn very soon. I’m looking for recommendations on specific brands and/or types of bbq’s or stoves. Price is not so important as long as the quality is high. Thank you!

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Yo Kooler,

Lots of good suggestions here.

Before you get too confused let me just add this.

As has been already pointed out, it really does matter what meals you plan to prepare.

For me, one of the problems I needed to solve when deciding which stove to buy was "breakfast".

I'm a breakfast person and if I can only prepare one meal while camped out it will be breakfast.

And that means fried eggs.

This is where I have experienced issues with typical camp stoves.

Many of them have too coarse "LOW" settings.

Eggs want to be fried at the lowest heat settings (250F -270F) and that means that for me and my purposes, good predictable simmer control on my stove is non-negotiable.

Most camp stove manufacturers boast of their products "HIGH" btu output.  Few of them boast of their stoves "LOW", simmer control capabilities.

That's what I was talking about when I referred to being able to "cook" on my choice of stove.  If a stove won't simmer (or if it is just too darn hard to set it at simmer), then it's pretty hard to "cook".  🙂

With bacon or sausage I hope 

REI Member Since 1979

Those are good choices.

However, I happen to be a newly minted Spambassador. 😁

(Made with Real Hormel Bacon!)

Am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my "Letters of Credence."

Here's a pretty standard breakfast menu for my last 3 week trip out to the Four Corners:

2 slices of bacon Spam

3 scrambled eggs

1 toasted English muffin w/butter and Peach Bourbon Jam (My homemade specialty 😋)

Orange juice



On my way…

REI Member Since 1979

Thank you everyone for the ideas. The Jetboil systems are out of my ability. I will definitely look at the other options that were recommended. I would like an option to be able to BBQ and not just use a pan or skillet.