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Portable Cooking Stove Recommendations?


I’ve been looking for a portable grill that I can use both for camping and on my apartment porch. I have never gone camping, but I hope to learn very soon. I’m looking for recommendations on specific brands and/or types of bbq’s or stoves. Price is not so important as long as the quality is high. Thank you!

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First Question:

What type of grill or stove device will the Apartment Management allow on your patio?

All of the property management companies I have worked with in the past, have strictly enforced rules against grills or stove devices on the resident’s patios, due to the fire hazard and insurance costs. 

Most apartment complexes have common area charcoal grills available for the residents. 


There’s no limitations. People have really large pellet bbqs and I’ve seen small gas units. I would like one that can be used camping and on my porch. 


Hi Kooler,

Well that’s great news for sure! 👍

Wanderer’s suggestion is fantastic. 

MSR makes a fine line of very compact stoves, if you want to explore their product line, to see if any meet your requirements. 

My backpacking and car camping compact stove choice for both hot or cold weather is the MSR Whisperlite International Liquid Fuel Stove. 👍 Tough as nails and works every time.

Best of success with your search for the perfect portable stove  


Perhaps a stove like this Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case that take standard butane cartridges. Cartridges are cheap and last about an hour each.

These are widely used indoors at Asian restaurants, although I'd imagine only when there's lots of ventilation. Definitely too heavy for backpacking but should be fine for car camping.


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For a portable patio/beach/tailgate/family car camping gas grill set up the Weber Q grills are nice. eg

The Weber Traveler is interesting if you don't mind the price.  I have not tried one...just pointing it out

I also like the Weber "go anywhere" grill for a portable charcoal grill if that is your thing.  The classic Smokey Joe kettle is harder to transport.  These might not be appropriate on a porch if it has a wood deck.

For larger car camping meal prep then the classic Colman 2 burner propane stove is great.  There are  variants and knockoffs.

Others have covered some more compact stoves that are better for single/couples car camping use... Imo these don't have much place for patio/porch use though.

For individual car camping and JetBoil Flash or Minmo is hard to beat and they are small and light enough to take backpacking so provide a good crossover.


Hey! I am a very big fan of the Jetboil Flash cooking system. It will boil water under a minute...pretty amazing!  I usually bring freeze dried and Military meals with me backpacking. I use the Jetboil to make hot water to add to the freeze dried meals and to heat up the military meals (those I just submerge in the boiling water until its heated up).

Another good thing about the system is that you can use other accessories with it such as a coffee maker, frying pan, and pot. 

Link for Jetboil site:

Link on REI:


Good luck and enjoy! Camping will open up a whole new world to adventure to share with family and friends!


My solution to this very same problem is Jetboil's Genesis Basecamp stove.

It's pricey, but one can actually cook with it (not just boil water like a lot of camping stoves).

You will need a table to set it up on.

I bought a folding 6' table that folds down into a 30"x36" "pancake".

Also I bought a couple of skillets; a 10" griddle and a 10" skillet.

The Basecamp stove will run off of a standard 1lb Coleman fuel bottle or a standard 20lb propane tank with the appropriate fittings.

It is my primary car camping stove as well as replacing my worn out outdoor grill.

I replaced my last home grill with this portable one from Coleman. I like that it has available both grid an griddle surfaces

I'd go with something from Camp Chef.  They're more geared for car camping than backpacking.  Can also work on the patio.