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Packing up a wet tent

This is by far my least favorite thing to do when backpacking. Normally I like to leave the tent up as long as possible to let it dry out, but sometimes its still raining in the morning or there isnt enough time. Does anyone have tips for packing up? Do you keep your wet fly seperate from the rest of your stuff, roll it up, cram it in a seperate sack, outside mesh pockets, whats your strategy? 

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No real tips or tricks. Roll it all up and roll out in the sun when you get back. If it isn't sunny right away, hanging over a shower curtain rod or drying rack works well too. 

It for sure is the downside of camping. 🙂

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Depends on how wet my tent is! If it was pouring down rain all night and I am packing up in the rain I just shove everything into a trash bag to quickly stow in my pack #Washingtonian. If the tent is wet and it’s not raining when I pack up I put more effort into it. I usually have one of those absorbent little multi towels with me to wipe off the tent poles and stakes before I put them in their bags. The tent itself and the fly I shake off as best as possible and attempt to fold the wet portions in upon itself with the dry side out. I put those pieces into the tent stuff sack and store it on the outside of my tent (bottom attachment or side pocket) in a feeble attempt to not get anything else wet. I store the poles and stakes inside my pack with the other dry items. Most importantly, as soon as I get home or to my next campsite I set up the tent to dry out. Sending sunny camping vibes your way! Smiley Happy

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So that towel that Taylor uses, I do the same, wipe everything down assuming its not raining at go time, shake the fly and then wipe it down with that towel.  Stuff the fly in first, then the towel as a barrier between the fly and tent.  I fold the ground cover into a pretty small package and store in a side mesh pocket on my pack.  

Just did all this last weekend at Red River Gorge in KY.  Fortunately only a one nighter!



I am also on the roll it up and roll it out later bandwagon.  Plus when I roll it back out to dry it gives me a chance to get rid of more sand, dirt etc when I get home.  My shower curtain also has operated as a drying rack.