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Options for tent repair.

Good evening,

I was wondering if REI does Tent repairs? Thanks!

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@SydRy Thanks for reaching out!

REI works with Rainy Pass Repair for tent repair needs. You can find their contact information on our REI Repair Services site. We just had a good conversation start about tent repair, feel free to check out the information at Repair Advice for an REI Half Dome 2 Plus Tent

Hope this helps, if you still have questions after checking those two links out let us know. Thanks!

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what's wrong with it?  I (you) can easily fix rips and tears using cloth medical tape.  Sticking or separated zippers can be washed which usually fixes them.  Seams may have to be sewn by hand or local shop.

pin holes need to be individually taped. Broken poles need to be replaced.


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Hey Philreedshikes, what would you suggest to wash a tent zipper with?  Maybe Dawn soap?  Thanks.