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Old tent care: Do I need to re-tape seams?

I have an REI Morph tent that I left in a southern garage a little too long, and the waterproofing became gummy and the waterproofing tape has separated. I am washing it to get the gummy residue off and know I need to re-waterproof it afterwards. Question is, do I need to tape the seams again? Or will a spray-on or wash-in water proofing product be sufficient? 

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You will probably need to re-tape or otherwise seam seal it using a brush applied seam sealer.  Seam sealing blocks the holes caused by sewing.  It is unlikely that any spray on product will be effective at doing the same


Seam seal on outside with homemade sealant (mix clear silicone with paint thinner into a slurry) (brush on)

spray the body with silicone (example like Walmart sells)

test in backyard with garden hose

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