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Moving from ground camping to roof top camping...

Looking for any advice or learnings that may not be obvious for RTT camping with kids.  It's me and my two kids (11 and 8).  Are there any items that are unique to this type of camping?  Thinking more about the sleeping tent experience, not the mobility logistics, but all advice is welcome!

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Roof top tent camping is such a fun way to experience the outdoors with your kids! I've been RTT camping for several years now with my family and we really enjoy it. We have a Tepui Autana 4 on the back of our truck. Your kids are a little older than mine, so some of the things we needed to think about (snacks, water, and nighttime bathroom runs) are likely less of a concern for you. That being said, it's always good to remember that you need to add some time to get down out of the tent when nature calls.

One accessory that I am considering purchasing is a set of the boot bags that hang from the edge of the tent. The ladder is easier and more stable to climb with shoes on, and those caddies can help keep the tent cleaner by providing a better place to keep them than inside the tent. We've tried hanging canvas storage bags the for this purpose with mixed results. One other item we use that comes in super handy is a small flat serving tray that we keep in the tent to put things on that we don't want to fall over (i.e. water bottles). 

We also went with the awning for our tent which is a feature I really appreciate. We can fully close it so that we have some privacy and it gives us a place to stand when we're changing. It also gives us some extra storage out of the elements for gear, bikes, coolers, or duffel bags. I used it as a kitchen area once on a trip with pretty inclement weather (doors and windows open for ventilation, of course) and it worked great.

Lastly, my kids are pretty active so I find that I need to remind them often that they need to move carefully in the tent as it will rock the tent, the car, and everyone in it as well. 

Hopefully this helps, we hope you have fun on your adventures with your kids!



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