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Looking for info on a tarp

Hello everyone, in my internet travels last night I stumbled on a Tarp that I'd not heard of before. The tarp is WildVenture Tent Tarp. Can anyone here tell me any information on this please? I checked YouTube and found 2 reviews. One by the company itself which you couldn't hear due to wind and another that was in all honesty not a review. It was just how to pitch 3 setups. This looks like a very interesting tarp and I want to know more from other sources than the manufacturer. Any help would be appreciated! Thank's in advance.

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Decent amount of Amazon reviews here:


Several youtube videos as well, this seemed to be one of the longer ones:

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You can buy this at or you can buy it on amazon that's where I got mine it was 42.99. Well worth the money. this is the amazon link if you wa...

Thank you tadoerner, The video link you sent was one that said it had a review but it only had some nice setups. And Yup, been spending time on Amazon reading their reviews. I'm thinking I'll pull the trigger on this one tonight before I head to bed.  From what I've seen it seems to be a pretty sturdy tarp and like every other one out there, it has it's positives and negatives.

My sister and BIL are going out to Yellowstone for 6 week's so I loaned them my Mongrel EDT and several other important items and now I'm feeling naked without my gear LOL I'm guessing I won't be loaning my stuff out again.


This is my "Go To" tarp. I love it and it's built like a tank