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Looking for flame retardant free 4 person tent for car camping

What is the status of REI's flame retardant free tents? Do you have any 4 person flame retardant free tents for car camping? I'd gladly travel one hour to Pennsylvania to be able to buy a flame retardant free tent. 

I saw the 2020 posts which talked about greater fire retardant tent available "next year".

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  • When I googled flame retardant tents this is what I found:  "The majority of toxic chemicals found in camping tents are flame retardants. In fact, almost all tents in North America contain flame retardant chemicals in order to meet fire-retardant specifications and flammability standards that were initially set by the federal government in 1976.".   Black Diamond says this. "Many people are searching for chemical-free camping tents for their family, and fortunately, the industry is changing. Diamond Brand Gear is proud to be one of the pioneers offering camping tents and gear that are flame retardant-free.".  The chemical free Free Spirit comes in a 4 person configuration as well as 2
Found Myself Outside

Mountain Hardwear tents are free of flame retardants at this point.  They make a 4 person Trango tent, but its more for mountaineering.  You might be able to go with two two person tents, depending on needs (kids ages…), for less money.  

Fjallraven has flame retardant free tents, but no 4 person that I’m aware of.  

Hilleberg makes 4 person tents.  I believe all Hilleberg tents are flame retardant free.

If you are willing to go with a canvas tent Springbar makes some great tents.  Just keep in mind they can’t be put away damp.  If you can manage the care of Springbar tents they are well made and should last a long time. 

“Take care of the earth”

I am in the same boat - trying to find a safe tent.

REI's lack of transparency and forward thinking on this issue is very disappointing.  A new standard for flame retardants came out in June 2020 but REI has only 1 flame retardant free tent.  

Beware - only some Mountain Hardware tents are FR free.  Same goes with Nemo.

Moonlight Tents (The TentLab) has some nice tents which are all FR free.  This is more of a cottage brand but worth looking into.


Here is a good list of tents that don't have flame retardants:
The Living Clean Guide to Less Toxic Camping Gear - Tents Without Flame Retardants

Worth reading but here is an overview of companies currently offering flame retardant free tents (not many large or 4 person tents):
- Diamond Brand
- Fjällräven
- Hilleberg
- Hyperlite
- Mountain Hardware (but only specific models - Mineral King and Aspect)
- Naturehike (maybe?)
- Nemo (only specific models - Chogori; other models not available in all states)
- Sierra Designs (only specific models - Tensegrity)
- Six Moon Designs
- Tarptent
- The Tent Lab (only one that offers a 4 person FR-free tent)
- Winterial (they offer a family Teepee
- Zpacks


When I looked on Mountain Hardwear’s website they list all tents currently as being flame retardant free under the product details section. Its usually the last item in product details on every tent.   Perhaps we are seeing different information?  I’m looking on the US website.  Where are you getting your information?  Thanks 🙂

“Take care of the earth”

Hey Walker.  Good point.  Would be worth confirming with MW on exactly what the language / description means.  But these look good.  I had read an earlier post where someone had reached out and there was a different answer.

That being said only the Trango 4 is a 4-person tent and it is not really for car camping (4-season, mountaineering tent that costs $920)

I do see 11 Mountain Hardwear tents on the REI website as of July 7, 2021 and there are two different languages:

"All tent materials free of fire retardant chemicals"
- Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 3 Tent with Footprint
- Mountain Hardwear Mineral King 2 Tent with Footprint
- Mountain Hardwear Aspect 3 Tent
- Mountain Hardwear Outpost 2 Tent
- Mountain Hardwear Aspect 2 Tent
- Mountain Hardwear ACI 3 Tent
- Mountain Hardwear AC 2 Tent

"Free of flame-retardant chemicals; this tent may not adhere to CPAI-86"
- Mountain Hardwear Trango 4 Tent
- Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 Tent
- Mountain Hardwear Trango 2 Tent
- Mountain Hardwear Nimbus UL 2 Tent


PS looks like all Mountain Hardware tents manufactured released in 2019 and later are flame retardant free.

Outside's article Your Flame-Resistant Tent Could Give You Cancer has a good overview of the situation and what brands are doing.  


I don't see Black Diamond on your list.  As mentioned above, Black Diamond offers the Free Spirit in a 4 person configuration and chemical free.  I believe it has to be special ordered though.

Found Myself Outside