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Looking for chemical free camping tents

Recently read an article about flame retardants and tents. I know Mountain Hardwear is no longer using them on their tents and that REI is planning on phasing them out this fall. What are my options currently available? Thanks! 

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That does not appear to be accurate.  REI is selling and marketing tents to families and these tents contain toxic substances and yet REI is not providing accurate warnings or labels in its marketing materials.  It's misleading.

Furthermore, REI committed to getting rid of these substances and was instrumental in creating new standards for flame retardents but has yet to do anything signficant about it especially on its own branded gear.  It's super disappointing.

Seems like there is an opportunity for REI to provide more transparency and a timeline of when it's products will be toxic free.


@JoeyBones  when you say marketing tents to families with toxic substances, could you elaborate? thanks

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Sure.  Let's take the REI Co-Op Kingdom line of tents.  There is a family-oriented, car camping (20+ pounds) tent that features high celing, etc.  REI prominently features pictures of families and young children in its tents.

The marketing on the product page (as of 9/29/2021) states:
"This tent is a campground palace for families or couples."
"Kingdom 6 tent provides comfortable 3-season protection for you, your family and your gear."
"Soak in a little extra personal space with the REI Co-op Kingdom 8 tent. It features a wide open interior that divides into 2 private rooms so your whole crew has plenty of room to spread out."

Nowhere on the product page does it state that this tent has been treated with toxic substances that both scientists and REI know are bad for you and your family.  Nor does it state that REI knows that theses toxic substances were one of the reasons REI helped created a new standard BUT DOES NOT in fact use the new standard ini its products becuase it values profit over doing the right thing and fixing it's supply chain.

REI knows this line of tents (and almost all of the other tents it sells) have been treated with 100% unecessary flame retardents.  But instead of being transparent and letting consumers know this, they hide behind an obfuscated message that says:
"California Proposition 65 warning
WARNING: Reproductive Harm -"

Not sure why it is so hard for REI to provide more information on flame retardents (bad for the environment, bad for humans, bad for kids, etc.) or to commit to a timeline to have them out of the supply chain.  Other manufacturers have already done it!

The 2021 camping season is over; Congrats REI for selling more tents with flame retardents!  Now get rid fo them and tell your suppliers not to use them going forward.