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Looking for 4-Season Tent Recommendations

I own a 2person/4season spike tent.  I also own a 4 season, large base camp tent.  I am looking for a 4 season tent that is in between.  Weight is not an issue as it will be carried by a pack animal (mule).  This will be 5'-6' feet in the center, 7'x7' floor or slightly larger, have a vestibule for gear.  I will camp in rain/wind/snow at the treeline in the Rockies.  Suggestions?

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I am a big fan of the north Face VE 25, which comes close to your specs.  Highly wind resistant (up to 80 mph in my experience), and tough as nails. Worth considering....

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Not sure it will meet your specs, but I love my Alps Mountaineering Tsunami.  It comes in several different sizes.  I've lived through some big storms in it and never gotten wet nor had seam or pole issues.  Has two vestibules, an attic, and lots of side pockets.

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