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Kingdom 4 Leak - Suggestions for a fix?

Has anyone developed a fix for the leaky roof vents in the Kingdom 4 tents.  I saw some user comments about the problem when I was purchasing the tent, but I decided to try it anyway.   This past weekend was the first time I used the Kingdom 4 in the rain.  Suggestions for a fix???

2 Replies

@Deke Thanks for reaching out!

I've used the Kingdom 6 (which has the same style vents) in the rain a couple of times and not had any issues with rain coming in the vents. I have a couple of suggestions; I apologize if they are things you have tried already.

1) Make sure the rainfly is taut on the tent. Not just when you initially pitch it but also right before you go to bed. Lots of factors can affect the tension of the rainfly over time such as humidity, moisture, temperature, people bumping or moving the tent, etc. It's always worth checking the tension around the tent as you are preparing to turn in for the night, just to be sure.

2) Adjusting the venting rods. When the vent is propped open you should be using the rod in a 'vertical' position with the extra bit of fabric folded on the end and stuck to the hook and loop patch on the fly. When you want to close the vent, try using the end of the rod again, just the other side so it lays down flat and holds the upper part of the vent out over the rest of the rainfly. 

I hope this helps, thanks!


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On a recent trip to , we experienced the same issue. The fly was as tight as possible, but I still had snow blow in. But I still love the tent.