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ideas for cot pad for Kelty Discovery Cot?

I purchased 2 Kelty Discovery Cots. They're huge, at 83 x 32 x 20 . I'm now trying to find a cot pad for them, but sizing isn't easy, and if you find one close in size, they get very expensive. Overall I'm trying to keep cost as low as possible. Any ideas?

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One long-time backpacking companion was able to find bulk urethane foam and cut it to fit for his back of the truck project. He was able to find this in Cedar City Utah, so I can't imagine it would be too difficult to find in your area. Good luck


Thanks. /i looked up the foam and found a couple sources. Pretty cheap as well. cutting it doesn;t look exactly fun or very precise, but I'll need to look into that more


He had the upholstery shop he bought it from cut it. He gave them a plan.