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Re: How to dispose of Coleman and Isobutane fuel canisters?

I have a number of Coleman tanks and isobutane fuel canisters that are empty. Do I just dispose of them into the trash or is there a place to recycle them?

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Hi @eblade - Thanks for reaching out! These canisters can be recycled once they have been punctured, which can be done with the Jetboil Crunchit Recycling Tool, among other options. For more details on the process, you will want to check out a previous thread on the topic, Recycling Isobutane Fuel Canisters

Hopefully this helps!

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The information referenced by @REI-CarterC is for the Isobutane fuel canisters. If you are also wondering about the green Coleman 1lb propane canisters, those can be pretty tricky to deal with once they're empty. We've had a couple of conversations here in the community about this topic: How can I recycle Coleman used propane canisters? and What to do with used 1lb propane cylinders? that contain some good information in them.

Hopefully this helps as well, thanks!

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